Error Codes

Learn more about common error codes and how to resolve them.
data uses HTTP response status codes to indicate the success or failure of your API requests. If your request fails, data returns an error using the appropriate status code.
In general, there are three status code ranges you can expect:
  • 2xx success status codes confirm that your request worked as expected
  • 4xx error status codes indicate an error because of the information provided
  • 5xx error status codes are rare and indicate an error with datapipe’s servers
Here are some of the error responses
  • Method Not Allowed
  • accountId must be a valid GUID
  • endpointId must be a valid GUID
  • Not found
  • File size too large
  • Missing or empty file
  • The specified filetype is not supported
  • The server encountered an invalid request.
  • Internal server error